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Future Of Digital Marketing + Your Career As A Digital Marketer

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Now it sounds like an interesting heading…. If you’ve read my previous blog, I tried to give a clear idea of what Digital Marketing is & Aspects of Digital Marketing. Before going forward I insist you Read This. Now you’ve your homework done on Digital Marketing let’s see Digital Marketing & Your Career.

Future of Digital Marketing

I know I should 1st clear what is Digital Marketing then I should jump to the Future thing, But as I told you I've already cleared that in my previous blog. You can check it Here. Now let's just discuss its future scope….!

Nowadays everything is getting Digital & Easy, we don't have to take much physical effort to do the things. And talking about businesses, Digital Marketing is no more option; it's the NECESSITY of every business & will be. Reason behind that is technology enhancement, easy access to the internet & most importantly your customers are there Online waiting for you to showcase your products/services. Traditional Marketing is no longer useful in this era, somehow we can use those tactics but Digital Marketing is the Advance & up to the date version of Marketing which every business should follow to gain their potential customers.

Things to be considered when we’re talking about Digital Marketing -

  1. Google (Page Rankings)

  2. Advertisement

  3. Conversion Through Campaign

  4. Optimization of Online Marketing & ROI & Many More

Future Trends of Digital Marketing -

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  2. Video Marketing

  3. Content Marketing

  4. Voice Search

  5. Virtual Reality & Many More…

Why Digital Marketing is the Future -

  1. You can monitor everything you’re doing for you Business

  2. You can target as many audiences as you can

  3. You can build your global brand

  4. You can measure your ROI & track your results

So after knowing all these important things I don't think you should be late to do the right thing for your business.

Your Future as a Digital Marketer

I know you’ve been waiting for this question to come soon, now here it is - now here also before directly jumping to the future. Let's have some Q&A type discussion just to clear your 2nd thoughts regarding Digital Marketing.

Why choose Digital Marketing as a career?

Now you clearly know what is Digital Marketing & its importance in today's world. Now choosing it as a career path is something to think about! As a Digital Marketer you won't be stable on one task throughout its like a roller coaster, As there are many aspects of it there are different needs of those aspects, when you’ll be starting as a fresher you’ve to be on that roller coaster handling everything until you’ll choose your one path to go forward or be the expert of one & choosing one path comes with lots of hard work, consistency, skills and continuous learning.

Before Digital Marketing people used to do Traditional Marketing. Now the name has changed to Digital tomorrow it'll be something different but IT’LL BE. Without marketing there will be no customers and without customers there will be no selling. So if you’re thinking for long term this career path is never ending you just have to involve & modify yourself as per the trend & era. Once you’re into it you’ll definitely find your way.

If you wanna see practical, here is the e.g. - Digital Marketing Specialist is the top most in-demand Job role & more than 940,000 openings for the same. & if you follow a single path like SEO Specialist or Social Media Manager it'll narrow down and you’ll definitely get your dream job.

For an instance let’s consider you’re starting as a Digital Marketing Fresher, so as per the survey 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs is the annual salary package depending upon factors like skills, organization & city of work. & will be increasing depending upon experience.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Career -

  1. The most important one, as you know Indian Government has taken a step to make India Digital which increases the chance of Business becoming fully Digital and automatically gives a boost to Digital Marketing Jobs.

  2. As per the report & survey the online marketing in India is increasing by almost 30% per year.

  3. And as I said every business needs a Digital Marketer to stand in this market so there's your chance, choose your company & start your race.

  4. There are a wide range of opportunities in this field, you can choose one path or try all things.

  5. You can work as a freelancer or if you’re ready to invest your time & knowledge you can start your own company

  6. As you’ll be working on Internet whole world would be your market

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing Career -

  1. Digital Marketing is like new born baby so those who will Learn will Earn

  2. It is the most flexible industry with the most flexible work hours. For sure if you wanna achieve something in this, 9-5 work hours won't be there.

  3. Your all customers would be online so almost 12-15hrs you'd have to spend on online networks to reach out your customers and in making new strategies.

Here is the image I found on Google...

I hope now you’re ready to get your dream job because I think you know everything you need to know to start…

If you find it useful, please do share with others Because Together We’re Learning & Growing.

And if you wanna Know More, you can always refer following link -

And if you wanna checkout all the Infographics I’ve used in the blogs you can get it here…

And if you are looking for Inspiration, do check this…

Thank you for reading :-)


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