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Changes Been Seen In Digital Marketing When It STARTED Vs NOW

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

So the 1st time Digital Marketing was heard in the 90's. While there are several marketing luminaries that have made sizable contributions to the field, few have made the kind of lasting impact on the marketing world like Philip Kotler. This well-known American professor has penned more than 60 marketing books and is praised for his efforts in establishing marketing as a field of academic study.

I hope you’ve read my 1st blog regarding Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing, I tried to clear so many doubts there…

Now talking about Digital Marketing then Vs now… let's consider we're talking about the past 10 years, that time also people, businesses were doing Digital Marketing but in their own way without guidelines & security concerns. That time also SEO was the main & CONTENT was the king but as I said in their own fashion. Nowadays if someone will use those techniques we digital marketers call it as Black Hat SEO or Grey Hat SEO and Google also doesn't consider that instead it'll ban those websites and won't rank them.

So back then, people used SEO with keyword stuffing, excessive tagging and only content without considering the quality of the content, and you won't believe Google used to rank them like in Top 10 or Top 5. We haven't had many technologies, smartphone versions, marketing/ digital marketing versions because of that life was so simple & easy. As it says “Change is the only CONSTANT thing” Here I’ll try to cover how major Digital Marketing platforms & Technologies have evolved….

In case you wanna know more about Aspects/ Factors of Digital Marketing you can check out my earliest blog. Click Here

I hope factors must be clear to you, let's move on knowing about them earlier and today...!!!

Social Media Changes

Let’s consider 10 years of timespan - back then social media was very easy and handy, there were no more platforms, no paid things just post & get your customers. Even there were no active users on social media as well. But since then it has transformed a lot, if you’ve used 10 years and if you’re using now you must have seen a lot of difference like it has improved in terms of user interface, it has gone from just poking to sharing things, posting & allowing business to showcase their services & products. Now in this era social media has its own guidelines which a user or organization has to follow to be on that platform. But now I think it is much more easy & handy if you’re using it through Digital Marketing prospective.

Search Engine Evolution

I know now I'm gonna take the biggest as well as technical term. I’ll try my best to make you understand the terms. As I said earlier Google was a very pure and small baby it was giving people everything they were asking without having terms & conditions. But as the baby grows, Google has grown a lot and tried to segregate the things and tried to set the priorities. Let's take an example, people used to do keyword stuffing then Google came up with its Panda Algorithm in 2011 and labelled those tactics as “Black Hat SEO” then Panda algorithm started giving priorities to the websites who were giving value to the customers, that time SEO was all about CONTENT. After getting good results & responses from this, Google became more active in updating the algorithms, and started updating frequently. After that it has started giving priority to those websites who were well optimized as per Google Guidelines (Add link). After that in 2014 it started prioritizing the websites who were HTTPS instead of HTTP. And after Google has never stopped, they always come up with some new guidelines and some new algorithms to help their user more efficiently.


I think we all are familiar with this. Technology has changed a lot more than we could imagine. That time we haven’t had smartphones, but now we’ve & with latest technology in it and not only this, it's been changing from time to time to give us a good experience. Back then Google was only focusing on Desktop friendly websites and in making them more user friendly. But as technology was getting evolved and was making its own space Google had to consider that, so in 2015 Mobile friendliness came as part of Digital Marketing and marketers had to follow that if they wanted Google to rank their website for Mobile users as well. As desktop, mobile also has their own algorithms, guidelines which users have to follow to be in competition.

Now the main thing which does not come under any Heading that is PERSONALIZATION & TRANSPARENCY, those are the needs of today’s sales & marketing. Whether it is email, phone call or any other conversation mode Personalization & Transparency about your product or services is the Key. You’ve to engage with personalization & transparency with your customers then only they’ll trust your brand’s loyalty. The more transparent you are, the more you will enjoy the rewards of being open with your users.

I know I’ve to write a blog with the same subject but after 10-15 years explaining how things were and now because nowadays people are taking Digital Marketing very seriously and trying to make it a habit for businesses, because as mentioned in the book

A framework for marketing management - Financial success often depends on Marketing ability. Finance, operations, accounting & other business functions will not really matter if there isn't sufficient demand for goods & services so the company can make a profit. There must be a TOP line for there to be a BOTTOM line.

The best infographic presentation of Digital Marketing Then Vs Now given by Simplilearn.

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Thank you for reading :-)


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