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YouTube Cards

YouTube Cards are interactive elements that creators can use to engage viewers and promote content on their YouTube videos. They are small, customizable, and non-intrusive elements that appear within videos as small rectangular notifications on both desktop and mobile devices. YouTube Cards can be used for various purposes, such as promoting other videos, playlists, websites, merchandise, and encouraging channel subscriptions. They provide a way to add interactivity and call-to-action to videos, encouraging viewers to take specific actions while watching the content.

Here are the different types of YouTube Cards and how they can be used:

1. Video or Playlist Cards:

These cards promote other videos or playlists on the same channel or another channel. Creators can use these cards to recommend related content to keep viewers engaged and increase watch time.

2. Channel Cards:

Channel cards are used to promote other YouTube channels. Creators can use them to cross-promote collaborations with other creators or recommend channels with similar content.

3. Donation Cards:

Donation cards allow viewers to contribute to a nonprofit organization directly from the video. Creators can select a charity for the card, and viewers can click on it to make a donation.

4. Poll Cards:

Poll cards enable creators to create polls within their videos. Viewers can participate in the poll by selecting one of the provided options.

5. Link Cards:

Link cards direct viewers to an external website. This feature is particularly useful for driving traffic to merchandise stores, crowdfunding campaigns, or other websites related to the video content.

6. Fan Funding Cards (available in select regions):

Fan funding cards allow creators to collect voluntary donations from their viewers to support their channel and content creation.

It's essential to use YouTube Cards thoughtfully and strategically. Here are some best practices:

- Use cards that are relevant to the video content and provide additional value to viewers.

- Avoid using too many cards simultaneously, as it might distract viewers from the main content.

- Pay attention to card timing, placing them at appropriate moments in the video to maximize engagement.

- Regularly review performance metrics to determine the effectiveness of the cards and make necessary adjustments.

- Ensure that cards are visible and clickable on both desktop and mobile devices.

To add cards to YouTube videos, creators need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program and have videos that are eligible for monetization. Creators can find the "Cards" option in the YouTube Studio while editing their videos and follow the steps to add and customize the desired cards to their content.

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