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Why Need to Focus 100% on One Part Than Having 10% in Everything

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

I know this heading seems a bit confusing, but there are two aspects of this heading I’m gonna cover through my perspective. Are you looking as a Business Owner or a Digital Marketer? Anyways it is better because, I'm here to clear your doubts. Let’s do it one by one.

As a Business Owner

As a business owner somehow you need to focus on every Aspect of Digital Marketing at starting and as you go forward you’ll come to understand which is the best & working things for your website/business but before coming to know, you’ve to do a lot of hard work, research & A/B testing with lots of things. It could be organic or paid. And after all these efforts you’ll come to know on which parts & where to focus 100% rather than 10% in everything.

As a Digital Marketer

Now here I’m not gonna answer as you’re working for some company, rather I'll be focusing on the term career as a digital marketer. Being frank, working in a company you’ve to deal with many things, have to do many tasks & testing and because of that you’ll be learning multiple things and that is the Best thing and Best time learning time for you. But you can't do everything every time, as I said Digital Marketing is a roller coaster ride. After some time you’ve to decide your path and choose a niche and try to focus and learn into that. For example, SEO - many of you must be thinking SEO is very simple and easy & must be that much only how much you’re knowing like Keyword Research, Tools, Website Handling but do you know there are more than 200 factors which are responsible for complete & proper SEO, there are lots of Search quality Google Guidelines for the same on the basis of which Google improves their search quality every single day. As it is just about SEO there are so many things & other factors for every aspect of Digital Marketing as well which you should know besides whatever you know right now.

I hope now the heading & the meaning must be clear to all of you.

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Thank you for reading :-)


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