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Why My Website Isn't Showing In Google?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Before we start it's very important to know - How Google Works?

As I've already written a blog on How Does Google Work? Then How Does Digital Marketing Work? - I suggest you should go and check it out before starting this blog as it'll help you to understand terms

Let's dive in...

You’re looking for a page of your website to show up in Google, following things need to be true -

1. Google should know that your website exists and can access all your important pages.

2. You should have a page containing relevant information for the keyword you want to show up.

3. and if your page is ranking in Google means you’ve showed to Google that your page is worthy of ranking for your target search query

As our heading goes, following are some reasons -

  • Google has not yet indexed your website. This is most common with brand new websites.

  • Google doesn’t consider your site to be “trustworthy” or “relevant” yet.

  • You’ve blocked the Googlebot in your robots.txt.

  • You’ve set a page or the site to “noindex".

  • You’ve incurred a penalty and Google has deindexed your site.

  • There is a technical issue with your site that is preventing Google from crawling and indexing your site.

  • Not having enough high-quality backlinks

  • Your page is lacking “authority”

  • Your website is lacking “authority”

  • You have duplicate content issues

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