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What Should I Blog About?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

The first thing you need to figure out is what you’d like to read for yourself, and when you're reading what's lacking..

I may not be a good fit to tell you what you should blog about, but I can give you some considerations to look into and I hope this would help you.

Consider Your Passion

This is the easiest place to start your possible blog content list. Think about what you're interested in — perhaps now, or what you were interested in years ago. Most likely that’s what you should blog about. If you ’re fortunate enough to have passion in your life I think you should follow that.

Consider The Blogs You Read

If you'll take my example, I'm a Digital Marketer professionally and personally. I like to read about the latest trends in business, reports, tech news etc. So I've decided to blog about Digital Marketing related things. And I read multiple blogs and I get to know "Okay. This should have been here..!!" Then I prepare a copy adding that information for further reads. I guess this is how you can also start.

What Do You Miss In Favorite Blogs

As you read your favorite blogs, is there a missing gap in the content? Is the blog author missing a major point about the given subject? Suppose you're reading a blog about SEO and you've noticed that all the content concentrates on Types and examples but not on the Technical or Practical part of it. You could start a blog with the intent of filling in the missing content.

Focus On Giving Solutions To Problems

It’s been said that a business at its core is just a result of a problem. What problems or pain points do people have? Write a blog with the thing of helping others work out that problem. However, as you have a successful & solution blog on your hands, people with that problem would love to read and would recommend it too.

Write As A Learner

Unfortunately, many people think that they've to be an expert in a given field to produce a successful blog around the content. So let me tell you "That's not true". When starting a blog, it’s helpful to think of yourself as a leading learner — what are you learning or what have you learned about the topic you're gonna write? And as you'll be guidance to many you've be a step or two ahead of others, and they’ll definitely appreciate your efforts.

Making Money From Blogging

When you're thinking of making money through online blogging, and want to build a strong and bright financial future, all you need is the right approach. For thousands of people in this world blogging is an economic, profitable, and fulfilling adventure that allows them to have a life they want.

Before you try to write and research your first blog post you need to know who you’re writing for. The key to make money through blogging is to figure out your niche, understand your audience and learn from the present players in your area.

Following Are Some Ideas To Help You…

  1. Fashion

  2. Beauty

  3. Lifestyle

  4. Travel

  5. Personal

  6. Food

  7. Photography

  8. DIY

  9. Home Improvement & Home Deco

  10. Parenting

  11. Business

  12. Marketing

  13. News

  14. Gaming

  15. Health and Fitness

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