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What Is Strategy?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Hard question though… I’ve chosen this topic because I’ve seen this question multiple times. And frankly speaking there is no hard definition/path for strategy. It’s been changing as per the business, person, need & will be changing as per the time. There are lots of previous steps before you make any strategy for anything. Most important thing is Strategy can never be Fixed or Permanent. You’ve to keep it updated every time. Following are the simple steps I follow before jumping into any Strategy or before finalizing it.

1. Define goals

2. Lots of pre-research

3. Situation analysis

4. Define metrics, timelines, and responsibilities

5. Map out everything properly

6. If budget will be included, have proper research and planning

7. Do A/B testing & monitor your progress

If there will be a Team, then of course there will be creative ideas and having a team will ease your task. And for the 2nd scenario if you’re working alone then A/B can help you out and after some experiences you’ll be knowing what’s working and what isn’t.

So don’t stress yourselves, take your time, plan everything properly, do research, ask for help and mark it as done.

Following infographic will help you more…

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