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What Is Machine Learning & Why Is It Important?

Machine Learning is one of the most popular parts of Artificial Intelligence, nowadays this concept is used everywhere such as in Healthcare, Finance, Infrastructure, Marketing, Cyber Security and many more. Still machine learning is under development because so many new technologies are continuously being added to it.

Importance of Machine Learning

As I’m a marketer, talking from my POV of machine learning would be giving a view of trends in customer behaviour and business patterns which is ultimately helping us to gain and retain customers. Many big companies are making machine learning a central part of their operations.

Machine learning is becoming high in importance because of the increasing variety of data, access to computational power, and the availability of high-speed Internet. Digital transformation is making it possible to quickly and accurately analyze extraordinarily large and complex data sets.

There are lots of main uses of machine learning like cost cutting, mitigating risks, and importantly improving the overall quality of life by recommending the right product/service. In today's world, it’s spreading like never before and soon it’ll be an integral part of human life

Machine Learning Technology Uses

  • Healthcare

  • Language Translation

  • Stock Marketing and Trading

  • Fraud Detection

  • Self-driving Cars

  • Email Spam and Malware detection & Filtering

  • Virtual Assistance

  • Product Recommendation

  • Speech Recognition

  • Image Recognition

  • Transportation and Traffic Prediction

  • Banking and Finance

  • Automation

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