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What is Computer Networking?

Computer networking means the interconnection of devices (desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets) which can exchange & share data. These devices work on a set of rules called communications protocols to share or transmit the data. And the output of all these things results in allowing users to communicate more easily.

What do computer networks do?

As I can get the information on the internet, computer networks were first created in the late 1950s for military and defence. At that given point in time, they could only transmit the data over telephone lines and had limited applications.

In today's world network solutions deliver more than connectivity with handy applications. They have become more programmable, automated, and secure.

Types of Networks

As you can see in the above image there are two types of networks, let’s know them in detail.

Wired Network -

As we can guess from the name itself it’s a physical medium made up of cables, which could be copper wire, twisted pair, or fiber optic cables. These wired networks link devices to the internet such as laptops or desktops.

Wireless Network -

Again As we can guess from the name itself it’s “Wireless” means without wire. It could be a media made up of electromagnetic waves (EM Waves) or infrared waves. Such as Antennas or sensors, the best examples of these could be cellular phones, wireless sensors, TV remotes, satellites etc.

What is Computer Network Architecture?

It is simply defined as the physical & logical design of the software, and hardware. And how computers are organized and the way tasks are allocated to the computer.

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