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What Are The Challenges Of Digital Marketing?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

This is a simple heading but I’m gonna cover 2 major things which comes under this heading -

1. Digital Marketing Challenges for Businesses

2. Digital Marketing Challenges for Digital Marketers

So let's dive in and be more knowledgeable …

1. Digital Marketing Challenges for Businesses

I know you must be thinking that if I hire a Digital Marketer then everything will be his/her responsibility, what I’ll face in this! Yes, to some extent you’re right but if we recall the earlier scenarios there were less companies who were doing Digital Marketing for their businesses and even less wanted to do. I hope you’ve read my earlier blog on change seen in digital marketing, in that I’ve mentioned every possible detail in Digital Marketing then Vs now. But due to pandemics and situations in the country people can’t go out and visit the companies and present their skills F2F. Then there was only one option for all big or small companies to gain the strength and it was Online / Digital Marketing. But there are some things which businesses also face in this whole process let’s know them and try to overcome them

  • Uncertainty about the future

This is the biggest fear company owners have nowadays or you can say from starting. Knowing everything about the business, market trends, customer behavior still there will always be this thin line of fear. And somewhere I feel that is good because having fear about the business gives us strength to avoid mistakes. And relying for customers on someone with Digital marketing skills is a tough call to take but even though CEO’s have to change as per trends and business needs.

  • Financial Management

Yeah, this is kind of tough to manage as an owner of a company. There are so many things comes under a company finance which you as a owner is already handling and adding more thing into that in the form of Paid Advertisement is again tough call to take but having a good Digital Marketer on your side can ease your this problem, he/she must be knowing where your company need paid thing or organic will be fine so choose you Digital Marketing wisely.

  • Recruiting the right talent

Now here your company's skill can be tested. Your whole future digital work will be depending upon whom you’ll choose for the responsibility. Even though you’ll find the right person, developing the right skill is your responsibility as an owner for future growth. And if you’ve read my blogs you must have gotten the idea about Digital Marketing and I know you’ll hire the Best one for your company.

  • Maintaining reputation

Maintaining the company's reputation whether it is online or offline is the MUST thing. And being frank only on that basis you’ve your customers. You’ve your offline reputation and customer base now it’s time to go online and make your base there as well with the Best Digital Marketer.

  • Knowing when to embrace change

I know no one likes leaving or changing the people with whom you've been working for long. Being very straight forward if you think your online things aren't being fulfilled or somewhere your online reputation is getting harmed, I’d suggest this is the time for a change.

2. Digital Marketing Challenges for Digital Marketers

Above things were for the company and the owners, now coming things are for Marketers and their skills. I know being a Digital Marketer is not an easy thing, like I said it's a roller coaster ride everyday. And keeping yourself to that is a hard task, knowing everyday new things, technologies are coming and you’ve to coup up to be in the race. But the good thing is you can handle anything with your learning ability and curiosity of new things. But following are the things you should keep in mind in 2021

  • Generating traffic

Generating traffic for your website should be the 1st motto of every Digital Marketer. If you won’t get visitors you won’t get any leads then converting those leads to customers comes under the sales part. As you know there are various ways by which you can generate the traffic for your website.

  • Generating potential leads

Now this is the important one, you’ve traffic, visitors on your website but how you gonna convert them to your customers? So there are many ways you can do it. Your web pages should be to the point instead of wasting much time of the visitor he should quickly get what he wants. And other than there are external factors which you can consider like paid marketing, social media marketing, B2B reaching. The paid competition is there and it's increasing day by day, you should have strong solid proof of what you’re offering.

  • Managing digital finance

As I mentioned above, organic & paid marketing are the ways to reach out your potential customers and that to more efficiently. But it's gonna cost a lot as per your business industry. Basically you bid on the keywords and the price of the keywords keep going up and down. You've coup up to get your potential customers without thinking of money then. Because you're not the only one who's bidding on the keywords.

  • Becoming the EXPERT

Like I mentioned in my earliest blog at 1st you’re on roller coaster doing every task in Digital World after gaining experience and knowing what you love and want to pursue as a whole time career then you go on your way like SEO Expert, Social Media Expert, Paid Add Expert & many more. After gaining mastery in one subject you’ll be knowing how to use that properly may be organically or paid to drive your customers in.

  • Keeping up with trends

Now this is the thing everyone needs to understand and follow every time to be in the race. Like I said before 20-30 yrs there was no online channel, only offline marketing. After that online channels came people started doing Black Hat things then, now everyone has to follow particular guidelines to do the right marketing. Year by year trends will change, many changes will come and we’ve to be ready for the business/ company you’ve chosen to work for.

  • Shifting through technologies & platforms

Like I said always and until you work you’ve to try new trends and technologies then only we can take advantage of Digital Marketing as a whole. In 2021, you'll have to focus more on AI, voice search, video making, and elegant yet simple on website. Your website should be easily accessible to mobile users as well as desktop users and loading speed should be less for both.

Remember you won't be able to handle or understand everything at once, you’ve to be patient with yourself but over a period of time you’ll be whatever you want to be and you’ll achieve it.

If you find it useful, please do share with others Because Together We’re Learning & Growing.

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Thank you for reading :-)


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