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Some Google Search Things…!!!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Does the title sound interesting? If not, then I think you'll have to work on Google Search more or you'll have to explore it more. And I’m glad you made up your mind for this quickly. Now let’s see what’s in there –

You’ll get everything in Google, no matter what you’re searching for. Since Digital Marketing came into picture Google has evolved very much and made many changes as per users prospective & still it’s evolving.

Following are some amazing things you can try. For sure it’ll change your SEARCH view -

  1. Google Search Modifiers

  2. Google Search Operator

  3. Use Tool Section for EVERYTHING – All + Images + News + Videos + Maps

  4. Use Advanced Search for EVERYTHING – Keywords + Language + Region + Site/Domain

  5. Use Search Setting

  6. Use Google Search for Math

  7. You Can Have Dark Theme

  8. In More Tab – Shopping + Books + Flights + Finance

Did you find it Amazing? I know you must have used many features from this. But one Bonus I want to add is Spelling doesn’t necessarily matter. Yeah…!!! You can type and somehow if you misplace or misspelled any word Google is there, he gets you right on time. But I’ll still suggest you keep focusing on your spelling because it matters a lot.

For detailed information related to Google Search –




If you find it useful, please do share with others Because Together We’re Learning & Growing.

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Thank you for reading :-)

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