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How To Research Topics?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Having a blog page on a website is as important as having social media accounts for your company. If you’ve proper, value-added content it's sure increase authority all over. If you own a website and haven’t started a blog for it yet, it’s time to start.

In above infographic I’ve mentioned the steps, now I’ll elaborate them for better understanding -

Writing Down Your Strategy

If you’ve something in your mind and you’re documenting everything, that will definitely help you to reach your end goal. Before determining your business goal I’d recommend you ask the following questions to yourself…

  • Why do you need a blog?

  • For which service or product do you want to have a blog?

  • What is your end goal with your blog?

Following are some goals you may consider -

  • Attracting quality traffic

  • Generating leads

  • Driving conversions

  • Educating users about your product or services

Identifying The Core Niche

The explanation is as simple as the heading. Following are some points to be considered while determining the niche specifically for blogs.

  • A business niche is a specialized or focused on broader market that businesses can serve.

  • Should find a niche with underserved or unmet needs in their industry.

  • A niche strategy includes selecting your target audience, defining underserved needs, researching your customer, creating a business strategy, and marketing your business to your specific audience.

Why is finding a business niche important?

  • A niche helps you establish a loyal customer base

  • It minimizes competition

  • It reduces marketing costs

  • Niche can increase profit

Keep Updating Your Blog List

Following are some things you can consider while updating your blog list -

  • Try to write as much as you can

  • Promote on social media, ask question, do competitor research

  • Write as per targeted keywords

  • Research on Industry Topics

  • User related problems

  • Product/service-related Topics

Grouping The Topics

This is the most important part of Content Creation. Assume you’ve done Content Research and have lots of content, but now finalizing one and working on that topic is important. You’ve to group content as per Priority & Importance of topics.

Following are some points to consider -

  • Compelling Headline

  • Interesting Intro

  • Write for Your Audience

  • Focus on Your Article’s Focus

  • Write Engaging

  • Provide Knowledge or Value Addition

  • Include Actionable Tricks

If you find it useful, please do share with others Because Together We’re Learning & Growing.

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