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Google My Business(GMB) = Strong Online Reputation

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

In organic SEO, GMB is the most important part. If you've ever observed in Google the result format is - ads, right side local business(GMB), and organic results.

GMB is your golden chance to showcase everything at once and there is a high possibility that your visitor may become your customer.

Please refer following screenshot for ref.

Source - Google

Following are some important tips & tricks for GMB improvement -

1. Fill in the blacks, Don't leave anything.

2. Have reviews - Ask your friends, colleagues for reviews

3. Post regularly as you post on social media

4. List your GMB as you do for off-page SEO

5. Have a proper business category - It is a very important thing

6. Have proper address, phone, hours, appointment URL(I'd suggest adding contact URL in here)

GMB is considered as a type of backlink to the website, a quality backlink. Because as I mentioned above you’ve to fill everything to get your profile done. So I think the following infographic will add more value here…

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