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Everyone Has Lost Data For Almost A Week...!!!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

I know the heading is shocking but it is the truth. The search console was showing the data till 17th Sept 2021, I know that was super annoying for many people/marketers. The search console is an important tool for every marketer and we've been using it for technical purposes.

I couldn't imagine not getting data even for a single day from the search console. Now it's working and data is back, but not sure if it's showing the proper one for missing days. So the main point is what have you learned from this? or what is your takeaway with this kind of situation? Let's start with me...

But before that have a look at the screenshot as well, I've attached it for the issue ref. like what kind of error it was showing

So, I'm gonna List my takeaways...

1. I've learned that I've to be prepared for situations like this in future

2. I can't rely fully on the tools for my strategies

3. Need to find and be pro in such similar tools, so when one won't work other would be handy

4. Need to be with digital marketing news all the time, Need to give regular time for news every day.

5. Check every essential tool regularly

This has happened and may happen in future too but important is how you’ll take care of your data and what you’ve learned from this.

Following infographics will definitely help and clear things

If you find it useful, please do share with others Because Together We’re Learning & Growing.

And if you wanna Know More, you can always refer following link -

And if you wanna checkout all the Infographics I’ve used in the blogs you can get it here…

And if you are looking for Inspiration, do check this…

Thank you for reading :-)


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