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Do You Know These Important Thumb Rules For Marketing?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Marketing is not easy as it seems, if you're a marketer & handling a website you're responsible for many things. From building Trust to Selling products/services. And more importantly, maintaining the brand value while handling everything.

As per my experience in the Digital Marketing field for 4 years, I've learned many things & made mistakes & apparently learned from them, somehow unknowingly risked some things but again that was learning. So never be afraid of trying new things, experimenting & doing A/B testing but with all these things never forget to be answerable or responsible for your results. I'd suggest having full research handy before actually experimenting with anything so that you'll have an idea of the circumstances.

I've Listed down my points before I think of experimenting with anything, I always have these things in mind before disturbing anything...

1. Build Brand with Trust

2. Try to Listen More

3. Have a Proper Research

4. Have Follow Ups

5. Maintaining Brand Consistency

6. Work Hard on Website & Keep Customers Happily Engaged

7. (Most Important) Learn from Your Previous Mistakes & Try Not to Repeat Them.

What are your Thumb Rules? Let me know in the comment section below.

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