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Content Promotion Strategies - Will Definitely Work...!!!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

You’re here reading this blog means you've tried multiple things for your written content and somehow, it’s not working for you.

I was facing the same thing for my blogs. After trying multiple things, A/B testing, experiments, I’m here to share a few things which will WORK for any content type.

As You’re new into this or You’re a player

This is a bit tough to gain views on new content but not impossible or you’ve been into this for quite long now but still not getting the results. Following tips are for both of you.

Following are some things which I’ve been trying for my content, hope will work for you too.

  • Start writing, have your own blogs.

  • Publish links on social media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium. (These are the platforms I’ve been using)

  • Re-publish the same after some days.

  • Use multiple options of social media – for ex. On LinkedIn you can submit a link and write an article as well. So here, strategy will be 1st you’ll submit the link then you’ll publish the article.

  • Share in groups and of course with you friends & loved ones (you can force them to reshare as well)

  • Share infographics from your post on image submitting sites.

  • As you’re on Google for a long time you must be having email subscribers, send them the mails as soon as you publish the content on the website. AND if not then you need to add or revamp the website for sure.

  • Reshare in groups of social media (take the advantage of you authority)

  • Have easy ways to share your content for your friends, fans and loved ones.

  • Don’t forget to mention influencers. They’ve a huge impact on everyone.

  • Update and reuse your content.

  • You can try paid things as well.

  • You should have or try making unique content and content promotion strategy.

  • Important part is Analysis. Analyze your content result properly and then do the adjustment.

And following are the mistakes you should avoid....

If I’m missing anything, please mention in the comment.

Source – Google

What do you think about this image? Which could be the correct sequence?

Try and answer…!!!

If you find it useful, please do share with others Because Together We’re Learning & Growing.

And if you wanna Know More, you can always refer following link -

And if you wanna checkout all the Infographics I’ve used in the blogs you can get it here…

And if you are looking for Inspiration, do check this…

Thank you for reading :-)


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