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B2B Vs B2C Marketing

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B Marketing is short form for Business To Business Marketing. It's the process where one business sells products or services to other businesses. Therefore, B2B marketing has to concentrate on the interests, challenges, and requirements of businesses.

What is B2C Marketing?

B2C Marketing is short form for Business To Consumer/Customer Marketing. It's the process where a business is selling products or services to individualities. Therefore, B2C marketing has to concentrate on the interests, challenges, and requirements of individuals.

B2B vs. B2C Marketing: Key Differences

  • B2B Marketing Involves A Longer Chain Of Command

In B2B a single decision has to go through many departments, authorities to get approved. wherein B2C Marketing, an individual client makes their own buying decision.

  • B2B Purchase Contract Last Longer

If you see, marketing has an important part to play to engage with B2B customers, marketers need to plan events like webinars, run audits, promote case studies, write E-books and whitepapers, and produce a lot of quality content that can help with business strategies.

On the other hand, B2C may or may not last for a longer period. However, they can change their decision directly if they don't like or like the product or service. So, marketers play an important

On the other hand, B2C may or may not last for a longer period. However, they can change their decision directly if they don't like or like the product or service. So, marketers play an important part in product positioning, creating brand/ product awareness, engaging with them through contests & more. But generally speaking, the B2C purchase cycle is less complex.

  • Buying Cycle Is Much Longer In B2B Than B2C

B2B buying opinions involves negotiations for long-term perspective. Thus, it requires more attention and lead nurturing to enhance the user experience, though the process in more complex in B2B

Whereas, in B2C, the process is simpler and shorter. Thus, B2B marketing requires more time as compared to B2C marketing. Also, B2B marketers have to create content that addresses different stages of the buying cycle and gain trust at each step.

  • Return On Investment Is More For B2B & B2C

B2B customers are concerned with business expertise & B2C customers seek entertainment and deals.

In other words, financial things and logic is something that drives B2B to buy decision. As a B2B marketer, you have to concentrate on the product’s ROI. You'll always have to think about how the customer will benefit from buying the product. It's because the business will only invest if they can make money from your product.

In B2C, ROI may not be the high point of concern. Anything that solves their problem immediately & will be affordable wins the deal.

  • Marketers Must Understand Their Target Demographic

Generally, B2B businesses have niche requirements because they know what their pain point is and what could be the solution. Therefore, it becomes critical for them to have a better understanding of their target demand. On the other hand, B2C businesses have a wide range of customers. Of course, they also need to understand the demographic of their customers. But it may not be as detailed as compared to B2B marketing.

  • B2C Customers = Emotions Driven Buying Decisions

B2B customers make a buying decision after knowing the brand, after reading some testimonials. For example, they will review how a product or service can help their brand to drive profit. They will also measure how it generates value or helps in achieving long- term and short- term goals.

As B2C buying decisions would be emotion- driven. Friends and families have a significant influence on their buying decisions. Thus, they think more from their heart than their minds. For example, while buying a bike, the family will have a huge impact as in color, brand, model, style, etc.

Thus, marketers need to find an applicable approach to dealing to B2B vs B2C customers.

  • B2C Marketing Needs More Attention

B2B customers seek knowledge and are ready to spend time understanding a product that can resolve their business challenges and issues.

B2C is more attention-seeking. You need to always show them whether it's print, digital, or TV. You never know when they're seeing you and the period for B2C individuals is less. Thus, B2C marketing needs to be catchy, and to the point, and should convey the product benefits effortlessly.

  • B2C Customers Might Not Always Look For A Long Lasting Relationship.

Generally, B2B sales involve long-term contracts. As they take time for decision making but once they make a decision it's always for a long period.

But that isn't always the case with B2C customers. They might not invest in your product as much as you might have invested in them. Still, it depends on the types of products or services. For example, a B2C client who is interested in buying a bicycle would look forward to a lasting relationship with the dealer.

Thus, as a B2C marketer, you must understand your client's persona. You'll have to determine what kind of content you want to give to them.

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