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Are You Getting Unwanted Traffic Or Spammer's On Your Website?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

you're seeing an increase in traffic in analytics but those are spammers? I got stuck in the same situation many times, and the main thing was a day before the weekly meeting. As we all know Digital Marketing is not a quick process. If you're changing something now it'll take a lot of time before reflecting as a result. But to present in front of your seniors you should be able to at least differentiate the real traffic from spammer's. So in analytics to get it done quickly there are two simple ways which I've used many times in panicking situations like that.

1. Use the Filters in Analytics - This is the most amazing and effective solution, only the drawback is it won't reflect quickly. You've to wait after adding a spam URL to the filter.

2. Use of Segments in Analytics - This is a quick and fast solution, there are many ways you can use this. You can directly add a URL and skip the traffic from that source or you can check date wise since you've observed the irregularity and skip the traffic date wise. There are many combinations you can do and filter the spammer's instantly.

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