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AI In Marketing…!!!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Yes, you read it correctly… and I guess we’re lacking in this because as I can see there are less no. of businesses in the market who have not even thought of it. In this blog, I just want you to know how AI is evolving and which simple things we can do to cope up with today's technology. Following are some convincing things….

How AI is helping in marketing…!!!

  1. AI-enhanced paid advertising

  2. Highly personalized website experience and better CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

  3. AI-powered content creation

  4. Chatbots

  5. AI-powered emails

  6. Quick prediction and smart customer engagement

  7. AI-powered customer insights

  8. Smarter and faster decision making

  9. Minimal Errors

  10. Data quality & privacy

I hope most of the above things are familiar to you and you might have been doing those activities in a traditional way. But using the AI so many things can be easy and handy. I think you can start with the Chatbot if you’ve ecommerce or B2C website. Again, following are some convincing examples of day-to-day apps/brands who have AI.

In market AI examples –

Nike - Personalized online experiences

Amazon - Personalized shopping recommendations

Alibaba - Fashion AI store

Myntra – Personalized Fashion recommendations

Spotify - Personalized listening preferences

BMW - Intelligent Personal Assistant

Starbucks - Reward Program/Mobile App

And you know what fascinates me more about this, the power of AI they’ve. I’m actually an online shopping person, I do shopping from Myntra. So even if I search something there and do my other stuff on any other platform. I’ll get notified by the product I’ve searched for on Myntra a lot. And I thought a lot about How Do They Do It? How Are They So Accurate? And that's what makes me search more about AI.

Can AI replace marketers?

Now this is the question I’ve seen multiple times or every single time whenever I’ve searched about AI. So, My Answer Is – AI will never or can’t replace marketer. The person who has created that is a marketer and without a mind body can’t work. There will be Enhancement in that, but Replacement isn’t possible. So, marketers don’t worry about this, just use this as a Technology. But if you can’t keep yourselves updated in terms of knowledge or skills someday AI will take a step forward and that it’ll be hard for you to cope up with. Keep yourselves updated & keep growing.

I’d like to know your thoughts on AI. Let me know in the comment section below. And lastly in my words, sharing is growing.

Now you know the important part, add on your knowledge by following things.

If you find it useful, please do share with others Because Together We’re Learning & Growing.

And if you wanna Know More, you can always refer following link -

And if you wanna checkout all the Infographics I’ve used in the blogs you can get it here…

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Thank you for reading :-)


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