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Acquisition Marketing - An Overview

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Acquisition Marketing Strategy used to convert customers and invite new, for consistent business. By having a strong strategy, you can ensure having loyal and constant customers.

By capturing customer attention and improving strategies, you can have more engagement and encourage customers to move through your process. That allows you to grow without spending all your marketing budget on customer acquisition costs.

Acquisition Marketing can often be confused with Brand Awareness. But both strategies are different and work differently to target leads. Brand Awareness Strategies work to expand awareness of brand name and get the right word for your business. Acquisition Marketing, on the other hand, focuses on leads that are already at the top of your marketing funnel.

Key Platforms for Acquisition Marketing

Your Acquisition Marketing is based on various channels/platforms to reach the customers. Knowing which platform's work best for customers at which point in their journey is key to a successful Acquisition Marketing Strategy.

The best platform for your business will depend on your target audience, your services & the products you sell.

Here are some channels that marketers use often -

  • Blogging & Content Creation

Content is an important part of every marketing strategy. Quality content takes visitors to the next stage i.e. beyond the awareness phase and educates them about your products or brand. This is also the first step to build trust & gain confidence.

  • Search Marketing

This is where your customers are gonna see you, on search engines like Google, YouTube and Bing. And you need to optimize content to get on search engines. and that process is called SEO. This means your content will appear at the top of search results and get more clicks.

  • Video

Video marketing as part of a high level content strategy is all about quality content. Video marketing is one of the expensive form of marketing as it needs higher-quality cameras & creating videos is easier than you think.

Video & visual media like images and infographics are great things to start with in your customer base to get a quick response.

  • Social Media

Social media is another example of a low-cost channel. Social media is a direct communication channel with your customers that helps you to reach out to target audiences directly.

  • Email Marketing

Once you’ve got the email address of a customer, you can directly reach out to them through email marketing. This is another low-cost channel that helps you for direct communication. It also helps you to understand the interest and status of your customer.

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